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A Different Approach



American Heritage Financial employs a personal macroeconomic approach when addressing our clients’ financial planning goals. Our process is different from the traditional linear approach that focuses on “needs.” The problem with a needs-based approach is when a goal or need is met, it often changes. In addition, we don’t know what surprises might arise in the future, as things outside of our control change.

Our process gives you a personalized road map that helps balance financial growth and protection that helps you manage risk. By focusing on the flow of money within your macroeconomic strategy, we can tactically align growth potential and risk reduction—all the while focusing on your financial goals for the future.

We believe you should be involved with your planning team and should “see, hear, and even compare” multiple options for your future, including your current path.

Contact us to learn more about our unique approach and get started on a path, that you can see and trust, for you and your family’s future.

Beginning Your Financial Journey

Do You Know Where Your Financial Journey Is Taking You?

Take your first step toward a financial strategy today. Whether you’re just getting started or starting to pay attention to your finances, it’s important to evaluate what you already have. You may have a 401(k) from your last job, a savings account or a life insurance policy that has accumulated cash value. Now that you have determined your assets, you can begin to set a direction for your financial life and put your goals within reach.

American Heritage Financial is here to guide you through the beginning steps of your financial journey. We can help you figure out what you have, prioritize your goals and offer tools and resources to help you pursue them.

Building Wealth

You Work Hard. You Build Wealth.

When you're young, the value of your future earnings is your number one financial asset when it comes to wealth building. Understanding how to build your wealth is a critical part of your financial journey, leaving an impact on your future and financial goals.

The sooner you realize your income represents the foundation upon which you build lifetime wealth, the better off you’ll be over the long term. Also, the higher your income, the greater your potential for accumulating significant assets.

We believe that the biggest barrier for building wealth is inertia and procrastination for understanding your options. Our financial professionals are here to provide you with the knowledge you need to begin building your wealth. It is our goal is to make sure growing your money for the future is a priority in your life.

Protecting Your Family

As a resource for your family, it’s natural to feel the responsibility of protecting your family’s financial future. You’ve worked hard to provide a quality life for your family. Regardless of where you are in life, no one wants to think about the worries that affect us all — but it’s important to consider the effects that change can have when unexpected events occur.

Important questions to ask yourself:

Could my family stay in the house we’ve created together if one of us is not here to help pay the bills?

Are future goals protected if the sources of funds are no longer there?

Can I provide funds for my family that can help maintain the status quo and provide the means to offer a better tomorrow than they have today?

Contact American Heritage Financial about protecting your family by assessing the economic value you provide. We offer 5 different locations across 4 states. A simple call and thoughtful conversation can help ensure your family will continue to enjoy the life you want for them in the event the unexpected happens.

Retirement Ready

The actions you take today – or more importantly, don’t take – could have a significant impact on your future retirement income down the road. Figuring out when to begin the retirement planning progress is simple, start now. The sooner you take control, the more options you have to develop a strategy that will help provide the retirement you want.

Thoughtful retirement preparation can help you have:

  • enough money in retirement and not outlive your assets
  • ability to maintain or potentially upgrade your lifestyle in retirement
  • income benefits while helping to mitigate the risks of stock market volatility

The professionals at American Heritage Financial can provide you with a personalized strategy to guide you into the future retirement you’ve worked so hard for. We offer five locations across Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

Our Locations

Pensacola, Florida
Lafayette, Louisiana
Palm Bay, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Texarkana, Texas
Birmingham, Alabama
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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