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Financial Picture

  • Discuss the need for wills/trusts
  • Taxes: Review 3 different types of money (Roth, Pre-Tax, and Post-Tax) for efficiency given your current and possible future tax picture
  • Investments including current fees, risk tolerance and allocations of brokerage accounts. Businesses are also major investments
  • Insurance Programs can vary widely. We will review life, group life, disability and LTC plans and explain advantages and challenges in how they might align with your overall strategy.
  • Social Security makes up a portion of most everyone’s retirement and should be reviewed early and often to ensure proper crediting and future optimizing of your claiming strategy.
  • Workplace benefits should also be well-coordinated into your plan for maximum efficiencies. Our planners will carefully consider important factors like conversion rights, portability, and pricing into your overall plan.
  • 401k/403 pension: 401(k) and equivalent programs are a fantastic way for many to save for retirement. We help you understand not only how accumulation works but more importantly, distribution in retirement. Pension settlement options can have lasting benefits or consequences.
  • Medicare: Health insurance in retirement is actually pretty simple. We help you understand how this election could affect your areas of your plan while showing you the most efficient cost structure for your area.
  • LTC: Managing long-term care risks in retirement can be costly and complicated. Nothing proves to be quite as costly as ignoring this risk, however. We have thorough discussions, show possible solutions based on your specific needs and can even help you implement your plan.

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